1. Why traditional “transmit” teaching styles waste everyone’s time
  2. Learn the “1/3 teacher teaching, 2/3 learner active” training design
  3. How to get participants involved and taking responsibility for their own learning using their individual learning styles
  4. Never do anything for your trainees that they can do themselves:
    • This keeps them interested and engaged
    • They’ll be able to practice skills and teach others effectively
  5. Practice using the Memletics Learning Styles Instrument to help learners discover and assess their personal learning styles, and combinations of these learning styles:
    • Visual
    • Aural
    • Written
    • Physical
    • Logical
    • Social
    • Solitary
  6. Learn the ENGAGE/INVOLVE teaching method to help your learners
  7. maximize their take-away skills
  8. Discover ways to unleash your participants’ creativity and make learning fun