Working from Home is Your Superpower: Your Guide to Working Remotely
by Janis Allen, Michael McCarthy, & Gail Snyder (©2021)
1 (book; 235 pages softcover)
Paperback: $15.00; Kindle: $11.99

This book helps remote workers make the most of this brave new work-world in its three sections:

A. Claiming and Setting Up Your Workspace: dining room table, closet, office with a door (wow!), ironing board? Signage [for fun], office hours, decluttering tips, and “Don’t Touch My Stuff.”)

B. What You Do Inside Your Workspace: (organization, project management, communication, exercise, breaks and lunches, building and maintaining professional and personal relationships, self-management, and getting more done in less time).

C. Defending Your Workspace Against Invaders: (neighbors, kids, spouses, roommates, and the infamous villains Dr. Procrastinasty, Dr. Distracto, and the evil Dr. Zoom. And those dreaded words from a neighbor or relative: “Since you work from home . . . “). Hint: Dr. No is not your enemy!

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You Made My Day; Creating Co-Worker Recognition and Relationships" by Janis Allen
You Made My Day: Creating Co-Worker Recognition and Relationships
by Janis Allen & Michael McCarthy, (©2000)
1 (book; 165 pages softcover)
$15.00 each

Want to make your workplace more positive, productive, and enjoyable? One doesn’t have to be a manager or supervisor in order to give meaningful recognition. This book is jam-packed with concrete ideas for co-worker recognition…recognition that doesn’t cost a dime.

“I plan to recommend this book to all the people I work with worldwide.”
– Russell Justice, Eastman Chemical

“I read this book in one night. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. ”
– Bradley Chapman, Chevron Shipping, LLC

Communication Can Make or Break Your Day
Communication Can Make
or Break Your Day

Presenter: Janis Allen(©2014)
$195.00 plus $4.50 shipping

  • Improve your communication skills – supervisor to employee, employee to supervisor, and peer-to-peer
  • Fast-moving, entertaining, and full of practical ideas you can use immediately
  • Presented to an audience in 27 minutes of fun

You will learn tools to:

  • Reduce the negative talk around you and increase the positive talk
  • Use Trangulating to problem-solve without finger-pointing
  • Understand how everything you do influences other people’s behavior
  • Use positive motivation to improve performance and create a more positive culture

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Do’s & Don’ts for Delivering Recognition (and Receiving It) CD
Audio CD: Do’s & Don’ts for Delivering Recognition (and Receiving It): What Everyone Who Works With People Needs to Know
by Janis Allen & Michael McCarthy, (©2003)
ITEM 2 (68-minute audio CD)
$15.00 each

Learn concrete ways to give positive recognition – even to skeptical people. This program is valuable for co-workers and teams as well as supervisors.

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