You Can Make or Break Someone’s Day

Slide1Here’s how to MAKE someone’s day:

  1. Don’t just point out others’ mistakes. This breeds defensiveness and creates a negative, fearful culture.
  2. Give your attention to those specific actions people do well. Don’t let just squeaky wheels get the grease. Stop by good performers’ workplaces sometimes and ask, “How do you do this so well?” Close mouth and listen (without suggestions for how to do it better. Yikes, careful!).
  3. Extinguish whiners and complainers. Listening breeds more negative talk. Re-direct negative conversations by askiing an action-oriented question (“What’s the status of project abc?’). Also, most importantly, END the attention for the whining. You’ll feel so much better, too.

More tips in a future post.

In the meantime, share your experiences on how to break someone’s day, or make someone’s day. Write a comment below . . .