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A Few Words About Us Janis Allen’s workshops, retreats, and training are known for their grounded, immediately usable skills which have participants looking forward to the next session. Steeped in manufacturing and service business experience, Janis was previously a human resource manager, corporate training director, performance consultant, and vice president of operations. She founded Performance Leadership Consulting in 1990. Michael McCarthy blends his decades of experience in manufacturing and service industries to successfully integrate and sustain the gains from Lean Process and Kaizen Events, using Process Behavior Maintenance. Mike was a manager in the Change Management Practice of Accenture and was the Lead Judge for the Manufacturing Excellence Awards for Buncombe & Madison Counties in North Carolina. Our Team

Wish You Could Clone Your Highest Performers?

During March and April, I offer you a cost-effective Leadership Analysis (my travel expenses to your location plus $200.00) that will help you bring your struggling leaders nearer the performance level of your highest performers. Here's how Leadership Analysis works: I will: 1.  Conduct behavioral interviews with 3 of your high-performing leaders and 3 leaders who have potential 2.  Identify pinpointed concrete success skills 3.  Send you written recommendations for development, including coaching actions you can take without a consultant 4. Provide written feedback to you for giving to the 6 participants If you'd like to explore this idea to see if it may benefit your organization, please email or call me at 828.862.6552.

Gifts That Keep On Giving – Symbolic Awards That Tell a Story

  By Michael McCarthy   Once upon a time, Performance Improvement Consultant Russell Justice wisely said: "The best positive reinforcement is anything that gives us a story to tell."   People go home from work with stories to tell every day. Most of the stories are not very positive. We want to give people good stories to tell.  Good reinforcement “creates” a story to tell.    People say, “You won’t believe what the boss did today,” “Guess what Joe said,” or “Let me tell you what we did.”  We want them talking about the fun they had, and the excitement of accomplishment.    At the appreciation dinner for the Nassau Habitat for Humanity in Fernandina, Florida, construction manager Patrick McCarthy found unique ways to give positive recognition to hard-working Habitat volunteers.   Using anecdotes and incidents from their work days, he created clever items that symbolized events, and running jokes among the “regulars” on the crew. Many volunteers were golfers, so Patrick modified golf clubs to create chuckles all around.   The volunteers from the framing crew each received a golf club with a hammer- head on the end.  Presenting these, Patrick deadpanned: “The only way Fred can swing his arm is with a … Continue reading