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Delegating, Empowering, and Performance Coaching to Develop Employees

Why delegate? (It’s risky, time-consuming, and could mean trouble!) Identify and overcome your own obstacles to delegating Find out the hidden talents and hidden goals of your employees Give clear instructions to set your employees up for success Learn how empowering an employee can also provide motivation and positive recognition for his or her skills and performance How to correct, set goals, give feedback, and shape performance Help your employees take ownership of their own performance improvement and professional development

Supervisory and Leadership Foundational Skills

The role of a supervisor and leader What’s different about being a supervisor? Supervising people who were formerly your peers Authority, responsibility, and delegating How to find out your level of decision-making authority Using data to make your manager comfortable with your decisions When to ask; when to involve; when to inform Active listening and communication skills Giving specific authority and responsibility to your team Build your team with positive accountability and recognition


You Made My Day: Creating Co-Worker Recognition and Relationships by Janis Allen & Michael McCarthy, (©2000) 1 (book; 165 pages softcover) $15.00 each Want to make your workplace more positive, productive, and enjoyable? One doesn't have to be a manager or supervisor in order to give meaningful recognition. This book is jam-packed with concrete ideas for co-worker recognition…recognition that doesn't cost a dime. “I plan to recommend this book to all the people I work with worldwide.” – Russell Justice, Eastman Chemical “I read this book in one night. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. ” – Bradley Chapman, Chevron Shipping, LLC Communication Can Make or Break Your Day Presenter: Janis Allen(©2014) $195.00 plus $4.50 shipping Improve your communication skills – supervisor to employee, employee to supervisor, and peer-to-peer Fast-moving, entertaining, and full of practical ideas you can use immediately Presented to an audience in 27 minutes of fun You will learn tools to: Reduce the negative talk around you and increase the positive talk Use Trangulating to problem-solve without finger-pointing Understand how everything you do influences other people’s behavior Use positive motivation to improve performance and create a more positive culture Click here to view the 2 1/2 minute … Continue reading