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Delegating, Empowering, and Performance Coaching to Develop Employees

Why delegate? (It’s risky, time-consuming, and could mean trouble!) Identify and overcome your own obstacles to delegating Find out the hidden talents and hidden goals of your employees Give clear instructions to set your employees up for success Learn how empowering an employee can also provide motivation and positive recognition for his or her skills and performance How to correct, set goals, give feedback, and shape performance Help your employees take ownership of their own performance improvement and professional development

Supervisory and Leadership Foundational Skills

The role of a supervisor and leader What’s different about being a supervisor? Supervising people who were formerly your peers Authority, responsibility, and delegating How to find out your level of decision-making authority Using data to make your manager comfortable with your decisions When to ask; when to involve; when to inform Active listening and communication skills Giving specific authority and responsibility to your team Build your team with positive accountability and recognition


Working from Home is Your Superpower: Your Guide to Working Remotely by Janis Allen, Michael McCarthy, & Gail Snyder (©2021) 1 (book; 235 pages softcover) Paperback: $15.00; Kindle: $11.99 This book helps remote workers make the most of this brave new work-world in its three sections: A. Claiming and Setting Up Your Workspace: dining room table, closet, office with a door (wow!), ironing board? Signage [for fun], office hours, decluttering tips, and “Don’t Touch My Stuff.”) B. What You Do Inside Your Workspace: (organization, project management, communication, exercise, breaks and lunches, building and maintaining professional and personal relationships, self-management, and getting more done in less time). C. Defending Your Workspace Against Invaders: (neighbors, kids, spouses, roommates, and the infamous villains Dr. Procrastinasty, Dr. Distracto, and the evil Dr. Zoom. And those dreaded words from a neighbor or relative: “Since you work from home . . . “). Hint: Dr. No is not your enemy! – See more samples of the book’s content – Order directly from Amazon for fastest delivery – Volume discounts available from author: You Made My Day: Creating Co-Worker Recognition and Relationships by Janis Allen & Michael McCarthy, (©2000) 1 (book; 165 pages softcover) … Continue reading