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Janis Allen

In 1990, Janis Allen established Performance Leadership Consulting to help organizations of all sizes improve performance and develop people. Michael McCarthy joined the firm in 1999 to bring his experience in performance improvement, process improvement, and sustaining Lean/Six Sigma. Performance Leadership Consulting stands on the shoulders of their successful consulting careers with manufacturing, service, financial, government, and nonprofit organizations. Janis has held the positions of: Vice President and Performance Consultant for Aubrey Daniels International Corporate Management Trainer and Performance Consultant for Milliken & Company Plant Personnel Manager, Milliken & Company Janis was keynote speaker at the National Conference of the Association for Employee Recognition. Drawing on three decades of experience, Janis Allen helps organizations: Develop newly promoted supervisors and team leaders Equip supervisors and managers with skills to improve their teams’ performance Define authority and responsibility Set goals, develop plans for productive behaviors, and give feedback and coaching Create a positive recognition system to motivate teams and individuals Create a positive culture of trust, teamwork, and performance excellence Publications Janis is co author of the book You Made My Day: Creating Co-worker Recognition & Relationships. Her other books are Performance Teams, I Saw What You Did & I Know Who … Continue reading

Mike McCarthy

For three decades Michael McCarthy has assisted organizations to achieve measurable improvements. In addition, he integrates the quality and efficiency tools of process improvement. Mike adds his expertise to sustaining the “people” side to the popular Lean/Six Sigma Process used extensively in manufacturing, health care, and, increasingly, service organizations. Mike has held the positions of: Manager, Accenture Consulting (Change Management Practice) Senior Consultant, Aubrey Daniels International Senior Consultant, Tarkenton & Company Editor, Performance Management Magazine Michael has been on the program at events sponsored by these and other organizations: National Association for Employee Recognition American Trucking Association Midwest Association for Behavior Analysis Mike trains and consults with leaders and teams on: Performance improvement Kaizen events for teams to create work process improvements Sustaining your gains from your Lean/Six Sigma programs Publications Michael coauthored the book You Made My Day: Creating Co-worker Recognition & Relationships. In 2011, his book Sustain Your Gains: The People Side of Lean/SixSigma was released. Contact Mike at to schedule a free 45-minute consultation on sustaining your Lean-Sigma process and results, customer service, and training goals. Learn more about Mike’s services at

How to Give (Non-monetary) Recognition and Create a Positive Culture

How recognition affects bottom-line performance Learn the types of attempted “recognition” which actually create negative effects How to avoid the mistakes inherent in giving money or items that cost money Use correcting to get performance to a level for that can be reinforced SSIP – The keys to effective positive recognition: Specificity Sincerity Immediacy Personalization Go “beyond thank you” to find your employees’ higher level motivation and personal positive reinforcers Get your employees to reinforce their co-workers to create teamwork and day-to-day on-the-job positive culture