Your Silent Language

Copy of Everyting you do influences someone's behaviorWe speak without talking.

Our most powerful messages don’t come from our words.

They come from:

     – our eye movements

     – our facial expressions

     – our posture and gestures

As far back as 1959, anthropologist Edward T. Hall named these behaviors "The Silent Language."

Most telling today, though, is the blackberry or cell phone addict who says "I’m listening," even as she texts away or glances at the phone to see who’s calling, then thinks whether to answer.

Her silent behaviors clearly state the opposite of her words.

As Emory University professor Mark Bauerlein writes in the Wall Street Journal: "The texter doesn’t realize that he is communicating right now, with every glance and movement – – and that we’re reading him all too well."

The person who interrupts a conversation with you to take a cell phone call with sends the immediate and unmistakable message: "Whoever’s on the phone is more important than you."

A reminder to all of us in leaderhip to "watch ourselves,"  . . .  because others surely are.