Fluff, Bluff, and Guff: How to Avoid the Stuff

 Meeting 4 people BCBS

There’s nothing like a deadline to get me moving.

And nothing like personal accountability (knowing someone will ask me about it) to make sure I get my task done.

And nothing like positive reactions from my colleagues, customers, or boss to make me happy I’ve done it.

One time I faced a scary challenge: a 50-minute meeting with a newly-formed team to plan public seminars for a year. This would be our one-and-only meeting. We were starting from scratch on topic ideas, speakers, locations, and dates.

How to get it done?  

Luckily (whew!), we first looked at the calendar and each person took responsibility to plan one of the seminars.

This worked like a miracle. Once someone’s name was linked to a date, he or she focused laser-like on getting a decision, suddenly avoiding ALL talk and actions not related to these goals. All “yes-butting” and pontificating stopped.

Receiving ideas or help from others, each gave appreciation with smiles and positive comments. Everyone left with action items that would make a year of seminars happen. All the fluff, bluff, and guff was gone.

Imagine how much time we’d have wasted if no names had been linked with the dates early in the meeting – – lots of opinions might have been offered with no concrete decisions. The luxury of open-ended discussions with no deadlines or personal accountability can be a big time-waster.

Deadlines, accountability, and positive reinforcement: these three conditions create a cycle of achievement, and positive energy to boot.

Please tell us about your fluff, bluff, and guff experiences in the comments section below.