7 Outrageous Ways to Get People to Meetings on Time


by Mean Josephine

1.  Start your meetings exactly on time. Close the door at start time. Become known for it.

2. Never insult those present by saying, “Where is everybody? Is Sarah coming? Call Brad.”
Start if you have only one other person present (I know, I know, that’s really hard).
3.  Publish a concise agenda with internal start-and-end times for each item, as well as the time you’ll adjourn.
4.  Cut your meeting allowance in half: schedule 30 minutes if you usually take an hour. See Parkinson’s Law.*
5. Place the "must-get-to" item last. This keeps you serious about sticking to your time budget. 
6. Jump into your agenda after fewer than 20 seconds of small talk.
7.  End before the scheduled time, and brag: "Congratulations, we finished early!"
*Parkinson’s Law: Work expands to fill the available time for its completion.