2 New Year’s Resolutions for When Things Go Wrong

Resolution # 1

“Recalculating . . .” said our vehicle’s GPS voice, gently, when we took a wrong turn.

The word “recalculating” is symbolic. When we fail to meet our goals, we don’t have to pronounce ourselves or others to be failures.

Using the "recalculate" idea puts us in a solving frame of mind, rather than shaming frame of mind.

We see it as making a new, adjusted plan when the first one fails or we goof in our attempt to carry it out.

Resolution # 2

When our colleagues make mistakes, we can adopt either of two opposite responses:

a.     “Gotcha,” shining the light of blame,

or as my colleague, Rachael Caldwell, says:

b.     “Gotcha covered!” as we spring into action to help git ‘er done.

Have a happy, recalculating, gotcha covered New Year.