The Eyes Have It

I walked into a small store. The clerk, standing behind the counter at the back of the store, was busy texting, but halfway looked up and said, “Good morning.”

I said “Good Morning,” and made my way to her. She had resumed her texting as I walked toward her.

I waited a few seconds for her to look at me. When she didn’t, I began asking her a question. A few words in, she was still texting and hadn’t made eye contact.

I stopped mid-sentence, not wanting to talk to the top of her head. My silence didn’t work.

Finally I said, “I’ll wait till you finish.” That, at last, got her attention and she put down her device.

The message I received (intentionally or not) is that they don’t want my business.

Texting or answering calls while others are attempting to communicate with us sends the message:

  “You’re not important. Someone who’s not present is more important than you.”

How do we communicate where our priorities are? The eyes have it.

Show 'em your eyeballs.