Speeding at the DMV

DMV graph
“Waiting in line for a driver’s license is an aggravation nobody needs. People who wait one hour for a four-year license must feel like they’re waiting four years for a one-hour license.” – Lt. Governor Stan Lundine, New York State

So the New York Department of Motor Vehicles decided to do somethng about it. They embarked on a mission to improve their customer service. They reinvented themselves and shortened their customers’ average wait time from 96 minutes to 27 minutes.

How did they do it?

By using team members’ brainstormed ideas:
1. Adding a speed-line for postcard license renewals
2. Stationing a greeter to check for documents, and direct customers to the correct source if any document was needed
3. Posting team members’ ideas on a bulletin board with names attached. Fellow team members added positive notes and stickers to give co-worker recognition.
Their customers now spent only 1/3 the previous time at the DMV, and so much helpful activity was happening, if felt even shorter!