7 Ways to Make Your Customers Love You

Karen MazzaMy web designer has made a new person of me.

Karen Mazza took me from being a technophobe, to being an excited website/e-newsletter/blog addict . . . addicted to working on my own tech stuff, that is.

Here are seven examples of her actions – –  tips for you on how to educate your customers:

  1. Karen responds same-day, often same-hour, to my questions, changes, and requests.
  2. Karen sets me up for success by giving very specific instructions – she puts herself in my place and explains everything from the non-tech person’s point of view.
  3. Karen answers my dumb questions with respect and brevity.
  4. Karen shows me how to do (what feel like) complex operations for myself, rather than automatically doing them for me, thereby teaching me to fish rather than giving me a fish (so I’ll “eat for a lifetime”). This means I’ll become independent or semi-independent of her, which costs her money – but her actions tell me that she puts my success and independence first.
  5. Karen sends me a quick postive comment every time I do something right in setting up my blog, e-newsletter, or editing my website. There are such a myriad of separate operations, she has lots of opportunities, and she uses them.
  6. Karen follows up on every request, researching answers till she gets the right one. I’m happily surprised when they appear (I may have forgotten about them, but Karen never does).
  7. I look forward to opening my email, because I often have something educational and exciting from Karen.

And a bonus: she sends playful notes and plays fun little tricks with me that make me smile while I’m learning.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Selling is actually educating your customers so they can make good choices.” That’s what Karen does. She makes me feel smarter every day that I work with her. I’m now bragging to my friends and colleagues about all that I can do. Priceless.

You can reach Karen at www.charlottesweb-design.com

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