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How to Give (Non-monetary) Recognition and Create a Positive Culture

How recognition affects bottom-line performance Learn the types of attempted “recognition” which actually create negative effects How to avoid the mistakes inherent in giving money or items that cost money Use correcting to get performance to a level for that can be reinforced SSIP – The keys to effective positive recognition: Specificity Sincerity Immediacy Personalization Go “beyond thank you” to find your employees’ higher level motivation and personal positive reinforcers Get your employees to reinforce their co-workers to create teamwork and day-to-day on-the-job positive culture

Quick-draw Recognition

The road to a blah workplace is paved with good intentions  .  .  . “I intended to let Michelle know what a good impression she made on our visitors.” “I meant to tell Derek that his solution worked for our team and saved us hours of work.” But time is precious. In just 30 seconds, put your good intentions into practice. Make your recognition handwritten and personal; therefore memorable. Write an old-fashioned paper note which can be displayed or kept in a drawer. When your lucky recipient runs across it days or weeks later, it will remind him of his action that you valued, and refresh his energy to continue that same good work. End the blahs for your lucky receivers! For printable forms like the one above, click  Download Quick-draw Cards, or for an email attachment card, complete the comment section below, typing “Request email card” in the comment box.

Give Recognition Without Spending A Dime

Trinkets, parties, awards, pizza, and even money. They come and go as recognition. Your eyeball-to-eyeball words of appreciation are more long-lasting and positively remembered.