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Delegating, Empowering, and Performance Coaching to Develop Employees

Why delegate? (It’s risky, time-consuming, and could mean trouble!) Identify and overcome your own obstacles to delegating Find out the hidden talents and hidden goals of your employees Give clear instructions to set your employees up for success Learn how empowering an employee can also provide motivation and positive recognition for his or her skills and performance How to correct, set goals, give feedback, and shape performance Help your employees take ownership of their own performance improvement and professional development

Performance Management, Feedback, and Coaching

How to teach and motivate your employees for improved performance Learn the talents and interests of your team members How to use data as feedback, and teach your employees to use data for their goal-attainment How to use feedback, correcting and re-directing to avoid putting others on the defensive Set goals and sub-goals with the involvement of your employees Discover how you may be unknowingly rewarding negative behaviors, and how to focus your actions on rewarding positive behaviors How to motivate hard-to-motivate individuals How to show others that their work is valued, helping to create a positive culture at work


Keynotes: Fast-moving, Full of Ideas, and Fun Your audience will learn tools to: Reduce the negative talk around you and increase the positive talk Use Trangulating to problem-solve without finger-pointing Understand how everything you do influences other people’s behavior Use positive motivation to improve performance and create a more positive culture Click here to view the 2 1/2 minute “sampler” of Janis Allen & Michael McCarthy’s Keynote Presentation: Communication Can Make or Break Your Day Book this program as a keynote or a half-day in-depth skill-building workshop for your organization –