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Supervisors and managers have often been promoted because of their technical expertise. But many of them have not been prepared to lead. Sound familiar? We can help you prepare them.


We can help you focus your team on positive problem-solving, recognition, and creating and implementing a plan to improve your business. Janis Allen has worked with companies of all sizes to develop effective leaders and teams that pull together – all rowing in the same direction.


Get expert help from Janis, whose decades of experience training business groups delivers concrete, actionable, and successful skills for results in the workplace. She knows “one size doesn’t fit all.” Janis will tailor a program for you and your budget.


Services Overview

  • Leadership and Supervisor Skills Training to ENGAGE and INVOLVE
  • Workshops and retreats that generate enthusiasm and concrete actions on the job
  • Books and materials with people-performance tools you’ll apply immediately


5-Minute Video About Our Results


Participants leave our training, workshops, and retreats with excitement and confidence to apply new people-performance skills. They’ll have new insights into how leaders’ behaviors influence the behaviors of others – for better or for worse! You’ll see positive changes the first week.

2 1/2-minute sampler: Training and Keynotes


To buy the Communication Can Make or Break Your Day DVD, click here.


How do we measure success?

We measure success by determining the number of new skills participants use successfully on their jobs. During class, we discuss what has worked well for them and what hasn’t since the previous class. Then we give targeted, individual coaching to help them improve and succeed.