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The Eyes Have It

I walked into a small store. The clerk, standing behind the counter at the back of the store, was busy texting, but halfway looked up and said, “Good morning.” I said “Good Morning,” and made my way to her. She had resumed her texting as I walked toward her. I waited a few seconds for her to look at me. When she didn’t, I began asking her a question. A few words in, she was still texting and hadn’t made eye contact. I stopped mid-sentence, not wanting to talk to the top of her head. My silence didn’t work. Finally I said, “I’ll wait till you finish.” That, at last, got her attention and she put down her device. The message I received (intentionally or not) is that they don’t want my business. Texting or answering calls while others are attempting to communicate with us sends the message:   “You’re not important. Someone who’s not present is more important than you.” How do we communicate where our priorities are? The eyes have it. Show 'em your eyeballs.  

Wish You Could Clone Your Highest Performers?

During March and April, I offer you a cost-effective Leadership Analysis (my travel expenses to your location plus $200.00) that will help you bring your struggling leaders nearer the performance level of your highest performers. Here's how Leadership Analysis works: I will: 1.  Conduct behavioral interviews with 3 of your high-performing leaders and 3 leaders who have potential 2.  Identify pinpointed concrete success skills 3.  Send you written recommendations for development, including coaching actions you can take without a consultant 4. Provide written feedback to you for giving to the 6 participants If you'd like to explore this idea to see if it may benefit your organization, please email or call me at 828.862.6552.