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3 Ways to Be the Boss We All Want

1.  "What can I do to help you today?" This is the first question Rinda Green asks each of her employees and contractors as she walks into work each morning, still laden with her briefcase and tote bag. When she asks that question, she means it. When I tell her a task I need help with, she does that first – before she checks her own messages. Most of the time, what I need from her is information or a decision. But sometimes it’s to make copies or unlock the doors to greet arriving meeting attendees. She does the tasks I request and then moves to the next person. You may be thinking, "If I did that with my staff or co-workers, that’s what I’d be doing all day – my work would never get done." Rinda seems to hit that sweet spot of performing quick actions and then moving along, taking 10 minutes or less to cover our whole group. Since we all see and appreciate what she’s doing (and know how busy she is), we’re very selective about asking. Often we say, "Nothing right now, but you’re thoughtful to ask." 2.   Other times, she’ll casually ask, "What are your priorities today?" This is a triple-duty question. It can be … Continue reading